October 2008 Newsletter

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This Month


Our Virtual World

Rob reveals how a few important tools keeps a virtual company like PC Pitstop – ahead of the curve.


Save Ink, Paper & Money!

Steve identifies the most economical printers on the market and a new tool that will save you ink, paper & money!


Top 10 Graphics Cards

The top 3D video performers based on the first month of the OverDrive 3D test.


OverDrive 3D Test Update

All new 3D test results are fully integrated into our World Rankings this month. Scan again for fresh standings.


PC Pitstop

Free Performance Scan

Optimize 2.0 – Scan Now!

Save money by maximizing the performance and security of your PC – on your own!

Bits From Bill


Stopping AntiVirus 2009

Malware can blindside anyone. Bill shares his first hand experience and the steps that saved his system!

Free Scans

Driver Alert

Driver Alert

PC Update

Improve system functionality & stability.

Free Spyware Scan



Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.

Disk Health

Disk MD

Drive Refresh

Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!

Personal Data Profiler


PC Profiler

Learn what others may discover about you!

Win Patrol Free Trial


PC Watchdog

Who is watching your PC’s front door?

Full Test


PC Checkup

Most complete
PC analysis available.

PC Trends


“Must Have Security Tool”

With real time infiltration detection and PLUS program knowledgebase, protect yourself with WinPatrol Plus today!


Online Backup Survey Results

Online backup services are a simple way to store your data offsite and at minimal cost. What service topped the charts?


OverDrive Survey

Run a Free OverDrive Scan and complete our survey for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.


You could win $100 for participating in our current surveys!
See all past winners.

Tech Tips


Disabling Adobe Updater

One less background program eating memory equals a happier PC. Thanks faith_michele.


Your HardDrive Revealed

This tiny tool bursts with info about your Hard drive, including benchmarks and error scanning. Thanks Amir.


Over 7,000 Free Downloads

And legitamate too. Check out these mounds of free goodies you didn’t know existed. Thanks to Adamsappleone.


$100 goes to the best tips each month.

Special Offers


Roboform – Top Rated Password Manager

FREE TRIAL! Still logging in by hand? Let Roboform log in for you! No keystrokes to track, no hassle for you.


Crucial Technology – Best Memory Prices & Selection

Nothing improves system performance more than more memory. Crucial makes the right memory upgrade easy to find, easy to buy, and easy to install.
Check out their memory now.

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  1. Hi John,

    Make sure that cookies are enabled in the browser. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools>Internet Options>Privacy and set the cookie handling to Medium, or you can add mcssl.com to the trusted zone instead.

  2. I am trying to by “Pit Stop” but when I get to the end of the order process the screen indicates “Shopping Cart is Empty”. I have tried to order 3 times but wih no success. Can you help?

  3. Why is it I get the newsletter in my email and I can never seem to find the headline article. Like today I get one with Which is Faster NVIDIA or ATI? right at the top but when I get here I see nothing with that title to read of click on?
    Or even a hint about where to look and that is mighty frustrating

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