Online Backup Survey Results






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10 thoughts on “Online Backup Survey Results”

  1. When “Carbonite” was mentioned, I honestly thought it was a joke answer. I didn’t think an actual online backup service was under that name. Are all of these online backup services free? I won’t go after the pay ones.

  2. Whao now… Your survey results look skewed. Hey, I love me some Carbonite, but I’ve never seen a survey where they looked THIS good. Has there been that big a turnaround in the industry within the past week or so? If so, congratulations, Dave!

  3. I am with your vote. After dell tech. sep. had to empty my comp., I asked , what shoude I do for back up? External hard drive,they recomen.

  4. I was surprised not to see SOS included since it was rated so highly by PC World and several others. Carbonite was rated #2. What am I missing?

  5. How about a follow up survey as to what factors led to their choice of backup? Its interesting to me that external hard drive is choice number 1. I used that for years when I had several machines around. Online is only 10% but overwhelming people picked Carbonite as their online choice. Now that I’m down to one primary machine, its my choice too.

  6. Survey was a bit simplistic wasn’t it? I have 3 computers, just for myself. 6 back-up drives for daily/weekly and a Mozy and an I-Drive account for the most important folders. Plus 10 thumb drives (as they got bigger I just used bigger.. ). And, last year, where I live 100 people got damaged computers due to a lightning strike. Only me and one other person lost a minimal amount of data…

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