Sony VAIO TZ Recall Notice

On September 4, 2008 Sony, in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, announced a voluntary recall of their VAIO TZ-series Notebooks.

The recall affects all of the approximately 444,000 notebooks manufactured to date. Produced in the United States and Japan, Sony has removed all products form store shelves and is advising consumers to stop using the affected models.

From the Sony website

Run the OverDrive Scan now to find out if your system is included in this recall.

“The issue involves a small number of units which may overheat due to a wiring problem. Sony has initiated a voluntary program to perform a free inspection and, if necessary, a repair to ensure these units meet our high quality standards. “

“To find out if your VAIO notebook is one of the affected units, please visit this link: You will be prompted to input your product code and serial number located on the bottom of the notebook. It will be checked automatically against the range of affected units. If you find that your PC is one of the affected models, follow the instructions on the website and make arrangements for an inspection. You may also call [Sony’s] VAIO TZ customer hotline at 1-888-526-6219 to determine whether your notebook computer is affected by this issue and whether service is required. “

“At no charge, Sony will provide an inspection and, if necessary, on-site repair at your home or office. Alternatively, you can ship your notebook to our service center.”
Affected models are below:

· VGN-TZ100 series
· VGN-TZ200 series
· VGN-TZ300 series
· VGN-TZ2000 series

Reports on the number of overheating incidents range from 15 to over 200, with only a few people reporting mostly minor or light burns.

The VAIO TZ model is a small ultra light notebook, long awaited by business travelers. This model was important to Sony’s position in the ultra portable/ business market but now there is concern that business will shift to other builders.

Unlike past overheating problems, it wasn’t the oversized battery causing problems. This time it was poor wiring in the hinge of the display. Reports of loose screws and wires out of place will only serve to reduce consumer confidence in Sony’s successful ultra portable products.

VAIO TZ owners should stop using their notebooks immediately and contact Sony at (888) 526 6219 or visit SONY here . VAIO TZ owners will also find TIP information in our OverDrive Scan.

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11 thoughts on “Sony VAIO TZ Recall Notice”

  1. Hi all,

    I just had my TZ31-WNB returned from Sony Vaio support. I live in UK and I bought the laptop in UK.

    I was expecting Sony to write me in detail what work has been carried out, but the paper work reads some regular inspection and work has been carried out.

    hope it helps.

  2. Don’t let Sony’s farmed-out so-called tech support anywhere near your laptop. They don’t know a megabyte from a tick bite.

    Also, Sony is withholding documentation to support its assertion that it is extending its warranty out for an extra year.

  3. i have one i had trouble with the code.. Everytime i get a code ..(have even called and got new ones)
    The next time i start it then it wants another one.. so i cant even use it!
    SonyVaio but tower not note book

  4. My computer life has been hell since purchasing a Sony Vaio on 8/01/05. Best Buy has jerked me all over…never fixing the problem. The computer heats up, the cursor freezes and I have to shut it down manually. Since Best Buy repaired it I have never been able to leave my computer on.

  5. I have a Sony VGN-FS series and it gets almost hot to the touch if it is on longer than an hour. Should I contact Sony? This is been going on since I first purchased it and thought it was “normal”. First laptop so didn’t know they weren’t to get real warm. Rose

  6. I am not surprised. I had a large Vaio – after 18 months it was useless: several keys were loose, the CD/DVD drive had failed and the shutting mechanism had broken. I have vowed never to buy another Sony product again.

  7. Can “anyone” tell me please if the affected models of the Sony VAIO is soley restricted to models in the United States, or are there similar defective models in the United Kingdom?

    If there are, what are the contact details for getting in touch with Sony in the UK.

    Thank you in anticipation of a reply.


  8. Hello Jane.

    The Sony BX series is not involved in the recall and there is no problem with the batteries, only the connections on the VAIO TZ series.

  9. Jane Travelet Pugh


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