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  1. …used AVG and Avast! free versions. AVG was trouble-free from day one. Avast! worked well until a trojan worked its way into my system. Avast! detected it, but would not eradicate it, so I bit-the-bullet and bought a year’s supply of Shield Deluxe 2008; voila, no more trojan.

    I decided on Shield Deluxe based upon antivirus/antispyware program reviews, and the price is certainly right.

  2. Avast has beenknown to fail on broadband connections- it works great on slow connections. The supposed bugs it finds that AVG misses are not actually bugs in my experiences with it. I only install it on computers when my customers have: 1- slower or older systems with few resources, or 2- dial up or 256K or less connections. AVG is by far the superior system. CA is awesome also once you “teach” it your desires. Just remember, that most virus, spyware or other malware bugs are due to human error- one thing that is true, these so called “free music” sites are nothing but a ness or bugs. Same with alot of other sites that offer something for nothing. Download. com is a clean site, but some of the software there will take you to a den of virus files.

    Wish you safe surfing!


  3. well all i am a computer geek i mean technician (laughing)

    just a few tips of programs that should be run to properly protect your machine and i sugguested you have them all installed
    Supera Anti-Spyware (is great for malware it is one of few that get antivirus 2008/antivirus2009)

    i also highly reccomend spywareblaster 4.1 (it does not remove spyware, rathe rhas about 11,000 files in it’s database that it prevents from even entering your computer)
    spybot search & destroy/ad-aware 2008 (note: they both will detect one another as a problem but they are not and what one does not find the other does!!!)

    ccw (coolwebsearch remover) removes the cool websearch toolbar/registry entries

    avg anti-virus 8.0 the free edition works just fine!!!! it has yet to fail me or my clients

    highjack this is also excellent but i strongly reccomend you be an advanced computer user if you do use it

    i know it sounds like alot but all these programs make your computer almost bullet proof if you update and run them regularly!!!

    all of this stuff is free!!!!

    regcure is the toip rated registry cleaner and i do vouge for it but it is not free if your not willing to pay for it dont download one at all!!!

    avg pro can be obtained at http://www.newegg.com for all of 19.99 with free shipping and it comes with 2 years of service and also it’s own anti-spyware program!!! a must is malwarebytes rouge remover (it is free) you will be better off with the paid for version but it is excellent software all of these programs can be obtained at
    http://www.download.com or

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