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This Month


The Hard Drives of the Future

Let’s face it. Hard Drives fail at some point. Are Solid State Drives the answer to short drive life?


Software is Wasting Your Cores

Most applications can not take full advantage of multi core processors. Dave says this will not change any time soon.


OverDrive-Once Is Never Enough

If you haven’t run our OverDrive scan recently you are missing out. New tips & features always being added.


A Faster PC – In ‘Any’ Language

Optimize 2.0 has gone international. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and now French & German.


PC Pitstop

Free Performance Scan

Optimize 2.0 – Scan Now!

Save money by maximizing the performance and security of your PC – on your own!

Bits From Bill


Top Sources of Free Software

Bill tells us the best places to find free software and what to watch out for before you install it.

Free Scans

Driver Alert

Driver Alert

PC Update

Improve system functionality & stability.

Free Spyware Scan



Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.

Disk Health

Disk MD

Drive Refresh

Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!

Personal Data Profiler


PC Profiler

Learn what others may discover about you!

Win Patrol Free Trial


PC Watchdog

Who is watching your PC’s front door?

Full Test


PC Checkup

Most complete
PC analysis available.

PC Trends


Who Diggs Bookmarking?

The results of our survey are in. Are Pitstoppers too buried in other stuff to worry about Digging?


CPU Olympics

  • Canada Wins Gold for Most CPU’s/PC
  • Canada Takes Gold for PC Power.

  • *

    Malware Survey

    Over the last 2 years, online threats have cost consumers nearly 8.5 billion dollars. How are you protecting your PC?


    You could win $100 for participating in our current surveys!
    See all past winners.

    Tech Tips


    XP Tweak Myths

    Here’s a list of XP tweaks and myths that aren’t necessarily possible or best for your PC. Thanks stormy13.


    Remove Old Java Installs

    Java can leave bits and pieces of itself even when you uninstall. This tip from indy cleans up your PC.


    Print Folder File List

    Print out a list of files that exist in a folder with this tip from morbidbutterfly.


    $100 goes to the best tips each month.

    Special Offers


    Roboform – Top Rated Password Manager

    FREE TRIAL! Still logging in by hand? Let Roboform log in for you! No keystrokes to track, no hassle for you.

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    2 thoughts on “August 2008 Newsletter”

    1. Hi Tom.

      Sorry you have had problems after using the Tip suggested from our Tips and Tricks forum. I used the application with no problems at all, but that doesn’t mean anything. You might want to try seeking help in our User to User forum to remove the broken shortcut.

      You may also want to post your experience in the Tips and Tricks forum where the tip was posted. I notice this tip was suggested in June and I think so far you’re the only lucky winner. If some others have had a similar problem they may have some suggestions.

    2. I tried the “Remove All Java Installs” link and it really screwed up my computer. It removed both the older version AND the newer version, leaving messed-up registry keys and a control panel Java Icon that did nothing but bring up an error message. And, although minor, changed the icon size of my control panel. If it did that, quite visible change, what else did it mess up. I’m a customer of yours, and thought I could trust your advice. Very worried after this deal.

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