July 2008 Newsletter #2

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Vista Does Not Suck

We know we’ve been hard on Vista, but Rob just wanted to make one thing clear : Vista Does Not Suck.


OverDrive Overhaul

OverDrive testing has gotten an overhaul. Faster, more compact, and more information for the user.


Firefox 3, Must or Bust?

What’s so great about the newest release from Mozilla? Steve, an exclusive IE user, gives it a try.


A Faster PC in any Language

PC Pitstop Optimize 2.0 has gone international. Now available in Spanish & Portugese.


PC Pitstop

Free Performance Scan

Optimize 2.0 – Try Now!

Now with a deeper registry scan and even more tweaks to maximize the performance of your PC!

Bits From Bill


Apples Plan to Take Over World

How does Apple plan to sell more Macs? The secret is in your startup entries. Is your PC part of their plan?

Free Scans

Driver Alert

Driver Alert

PC Update

Improve system functionality & stability.

Free Spyware Scan



Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.

Disk Health

Disk MD

Drive Refresh

Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!

Personal Data Profiler


PC Profiler

Learn what others may discover about you!

Win Patrol Free Trial


PC Watchdog

Who is watching your PC’s front door?

Full Test


PC Checkup

Most complete
PC analysis available.

PC Trends


Social Bookmarking Survey

Do you Digg? Find out how others share information and keep connected on the net!


Research: Graphics Trends

  • 1024×768 Still the Standard
  • 15 Inch Displays Still Common

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    Tech Tips


    Join Vista to XP Network

    Here’s a simple tip to network your XP and Vista machines that you may have overlooked. Thanks Andrew S.!


    Vista Multiple Languages

    If English is your second language, you can download other language packs from Microsoft. Thanks Augusto!


    $100 goes to the best tips each month.

    Special Offers


    Crucial Technology – Best Memory Prices & Selection

    Nothing improves system performance more than more memory. Crucial makes the right memory upgrade easy to find, easy to buy, and easy to install.
    Check out their memory now.

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    3 thoughts on “July 2008 Newsletter #2”

    1. Microsoft is a monopoly. A Monopoly got bad and out for there greedy pockets. Why am i forced to pay 200 or 300 dollars for Windows Vista Ultimate edition. The Best they have. As for as Internet Explorer, it stinks, too many security bugs that should have been fixed before they put it out on the market. As a matter of fact if you delete every single registry key regarding internet explorer you will lose some functionality with windows XP. More like saying Use our Software or dont use XP at all. Maybe that should case you to feel that warm feeling when using firefox. Its Security Bug Free or limited and faster, not to mention you have the option to have Firefox remeber your passwords and usernames for every site that you go to that needs them. Very Convient. Say NO to Greedy Gates and IE.

    2. “Vista Does Not Suck” excuse me, but is that good or bad? Could I have a translation please, I am too old for playground language

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