PC Pitstop Process Library

PC Pitstop is proud to announce the launch of an important new reference point for all PC users. The PC Pitstop Process Library is free to all users and provides a detailed online database of the processes that should and should not be running on your PC. Through the millions of scans that have been and are currently being run at PC Pitstop, we are uniquely able to identify the processes that most frequently impact PCs today. Armed with that information, consumers can make better decisions on how to keep their PCs running at peak performance.

PC Pitstop Process Library

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4 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Process Library”

  1. Isit safe to delete these files, please ?
    C:Windowspchealthhelpctr etc etc and
    C:System Volume Information_restore etc etc registry_Machine_Software

  2. Terrific idea. Now use your same skills to lower prices of PC Pitstop so I don’t even have to balk about if I should buy it — go for volume sales and word-of-mouth goodwill! 🙂

  3. What a time saver! No longer need to Google unknown processes & then weed through the nightmare of conspiracy theorists in order to (hopefully) get the correct dope.

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