WinPatrol 2008 – New Version!


The 2008 version of WinPatrol is now available. BillP studios have added a great new feature, ActiveX Component Management.

WinPatrol will now monitor your system and let you know when new ActiveX components try to make their home on your system. If it’s not something you wanted WinPatrol will kill the new component before it can do any damage.

Download and Try Now!

Make sure to upgrade to WinPatrol Plus 2008 to get all the benefits.

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10 thoughts on “WinPatrol 2008 – New Version!”

  1. Win Patrol is great but Plus makes it the greatest! If you should lose the your code, don’t worry, you won’t be charged for a new one. Just email Bill and he will send your code. This is the best program, and support, on my machine.

  2. Debbie Patterson

    WinPatrol is great! I have used it for several and have never had a problem with it! I feel safer on the net knowing Scotty is on alert!

  3. Winpatrol is GREAT! I have been using it for at least 8 years. Have installed it on many hundreds of computers. It only gets better. The only thing I miss in winpatrol is scotty reminding me to send Bill a birthday card. (birthday cardware)

  4. AttaBoy Bill!
    Ive been a fan for years. I havent been using it for a while though as Im trying out Vista.
    WinPatrol is running on my other lappie and my wife’s desktop though, both using XP.

  5. I only wish Bill was the developer of ALL repeat ALL computer programs, then there would be nothing to fix. Keep up the good work Bill, and you really should charge more for your knowledge.

  6. Robert Engelbardt

    I think $29.95 for an upgrade that apparently adds only one feature (Active X management) is a bit steep. I’ll stay with my existing version until the upgrade price becomes more reasonable. Many of my utilities provide free upgrades for registered users.

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