PC Pitstop Pushes PC Administration Into OverDrive With New Self-Service Support Service

PC Pitstop Pushes PC Administration Into OverDrive With New Self-Service Support Service

Sioux City, IA – X, 2008 – PC Pitstop, the undisputed leader in PC diagnostics and support with over 100 Million PC performance tests and counting, has released its newest service for general availability, OverDrive. With just a few clicks, PC Pitstop’s newly overhauled OverDrive service offers a simple scan using Internet Explorer (IE) or the IE tab in Firefox web browsers to provide a full PC Configuration report in under five minutes. The scan evaluates system performance, security, software, drivers, application versioning, system conflicts and other key information and delivers a report for a full system tune-up. With almost a decade of experience giving PC users a simple, self-sufficient and cost effective way to administer their own systems. PC Pitstop is a one stop resource that uses the most current real-world information about PCs to help PC users keep their systems running optimally.

“Our mission has always been to combine the most current data about system performance and conflicts that are happening to users all over the globe, and use that collective information to improve the way PCs run,” said Rob Cheng, Founder and CEO of PC Pitstop. “Today’s PC users are savvy. Using PC Pitstop, they not only have the informationto keep their PC running optimally and securely at their fingertips without requiring them to perform heavy administration operations or complex trial and error troubleshooting tasks that impact systems and programs negatively.”

A PC’s operating system is constantly writing to the hard drive. For every link you click to every web page you visit to every word document you open, lots of small pieces of data are being written to the system registry, cookies, and temporary files silently as you work. The more you use your PC, the more the data accumulates and over the space of days, months and years, the PC starts to run slower and perform less optimally. When this happens, many PC users wrongly assume that their system is too “old” and they buy a new one. By maintaining your PC, you are protecting your investment and adding longevity to your PC.

OverDrive provides users with a full set of PC benchmarks. Emphasizing performance, PC Pitstop performs a fragmentation test in addition to customized tests of the disk, 2D graphics, upload, download, pinging, memory, and processor. With a high density of 3D graphic cards available globally today, OverDrive includes a unique 3D test as well in this new version. A new Flash-based technology uses data in 4 server centers located throughout the world has enabled PC Pitstop to deliver more accurate system data to a wider variety of users across multiple languages.

Key features of PC Pitstop’s OverDrive also include an advanced Security Scan, Process Scan, Registry Settings Scan, and Disk Settings Scanning. A Security Scan determines registry settings related to browser security and it alerts users when a setting to allow information to pass through has been left on, when it should be disabled to enforce security. No other security product checks these settings. The Process Scan is based on five years knowledge and a database of running processes that have been analyzed worldwide. When PC Pitstop discovers new PC data, it is anonymously compared to all running processes against the categorization database. The largest repository in the Process Scan is malware and identifies ‘craplets,’ Craplets, those useless programs that sit on your task bar eating up memory and CPU cycles. OverDrive also has a full driver scan that compares all system drivers to the latest available and provides a plain text analysis of the benefits or pitfalls of upgrading drivers.

PC Pitstop gives PCs a thorough disk scan, evaluating fragmentation, SMART status, free space, temporary files, recycle bin, drivers, IE cache size among key analysis. OverDrive scans the PC registry to diagnose common problems and steps through the process and settings required to boost Internet performance by 2 or 3 times. By merely resetting the computer’s RWIN value, Microsoft Windows users of XP can easily navigated the system to make changes to the correct registry settings. Cheng adds, “Surprisingly, Windows XP is most often shipped optimized for a dial up modem, and simply resetting this value substantially boosts Internet performance. And, to add insult to injury reconfiguring this value is overly complex for most computer users. That’s where we come in.”

Users can use OverDrive to scan multiple systems and the technology operates as an asset manager for small businesses. PC Pitstop’s new OverDrive boasts a new, modern Web 2.0 Ajax-based user interface and works with Microsoft Windows.

PC Pitstop was founded in 1999 and has performed over 100 Million scans all over the globe, from home PC users to Fortune 500 companies. Today the company uses their vast repository of knowledge to provide worldwide PC performance rankings. This new feature in OverDrive allows users from all over the globe to compare their performance with others.

To access PC Pitstop’s free OverDrive scan, visit http://pcpitstop.com/info

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For almost a decade PC Pitstop has been assisting PC users in keeping their systems and running optimally with the most up-to-date software, information and diagnostics. PC Pitstop has created a whole new way to troubleshoot your system for optimal performance and to keep your computer secure from viruses and attacks. Through a vast information repository that correlates information using proprietary web technologies, PC Pitstop’s service performs customized PC assessments via a network connection automatically with the click of few buttons. www.pcpitstop.com

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