Month: April 2008

April 2008 Newsletter #2

The Road Ahead
From Bloat to Craplet
How to Rev Up a Vista Machine
Song: You’re Not Me
Product Update: Optimize Enhancements
Product Update: Overdrive Out of Beta & More
Help, Help, Save my XP!
Research: Installed RAM – Vista vs. XP
Tip: Handy MS Word Tip
Tip: Icon Restore
Tip: Reclaim CPU Power

Average Installed Memory – Vista vs. XP

Vista vs XP: Average Installed RAM

Back in May 2006, when Microsoft announced Vista system memory requirements of 512 MB for “Vista Capable” and 1 GB for “Vista Premium Ready” classifications, the average XP system had 833 MB and 659 MB of installed memory for Desktop and Portable systems respectively. Once Vista was released in early 2007, most users determined that “more memory was better” as the average installed desktop memory rose relatively quickly to over 2 GB on Vista systems. In recent months, it is not uncommon for PC manufacturers to market Vista systems with 3 GB of RAM. The emergence of 64-bit architecture has also likely played a role in the increase of average RAM.

The Road Ahead – SaaS


Earlier this month, Google and announced a partnership to embed Google Apps into their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The next thing you know the media is having a feeding frenzy about SaaS (Software as a Service). Then it struck me. That’s what PC Pitstop is all about. We are SaaS and here’s why.

April 2008 Search Survey Results


The results of our April 2008 Search Survey are in. What search engine dominates? How many respondants have plugged their own name into a search engine?

From Bloat To Craplet


From bloatware to craplets seems like a logical progression for unwanted waste. Are computer manufacturers finally taking this logical approach to removing the crap-lets they’ve been dumping on us?

Yesterday I was setting up a new laptop for a friend. I wanted to get it out of the box and make sure there were no problems accessing the Internet. After testing and timing the laptops used for our last look at bloatware, I was worried that my friend would end up with a mess. Surprisingly the first boot went smoother than I expected. There was no flood of pop-ups or junk. Humph!

Trashed From The Factory Straight To Your Doorstep


Recently my focus has been on how the computer manufacturers are clogging our machines with boatware and craplets. My most recent look at this problem was disheartening to say the least. Instead of continuing to whine, I decided to see what I could do about the problem.

I started with a Sony VAIO VGN-NR185 laptop. The same one used in the �From Bloat To Craplet� article. This first laptop uses an Intel Core2 Duo 1.6 GHz processor and 1024 MB of memory. I’ve always liked the VAIO from Sony but the recent problem with craplets and Sony’s position on DRM has led me to safer alternatives. I wanted to see how much time it took to clear this machine of the headaches installed by Sony.

Help! Help!! Save my XP!!!

Save XP!


Windows PC users are reacting to the news that beginning in June…

…Microsoft is going come over to your house and beat you with a stick if you don’t start using their new (but horribly slow and flawed) operating system called Windows Vista.

And this is no joke:


…they’re going to stop SUPPORTING the copy of Windows XP you have on your EXISTING computer on April 14, 2009, just a year from now.

April 2008 Newsletter #1

Microsoft – It’s Go Time
Stop Rearranging the Furniture
Internet Speed Test Makeover
Windows 98 Turns 70
Bits from Bill: Windows Episode VII
Cell Phones on a Plane
Vista Impact on Graphics Cards
Survey: Search
Tip: Outlook on the Desktop
Tip: YouTube Quality
Tip: Free Online Classes

SNAKES on a PLANE… better than CELL PHONES???

Cell Phones on a plane!

The next time you fly…

…how much EXTRA would you be willing to pay:

• To be able to TALK on your cell phone during the flight?

• To be able to USE THE INTERNET for limited web surfing, EMAIL, and TEXT AND INSTANT MESSAGING during the flight?