6 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Tachometers Music Video Contest Winner”

  1. I wasn’t impressed with the winner. The song lyrics were derivative and the music was as uninspired as a dog food commercial. Sure, PC Pitstop, way to jump on the ‘we hate Vista’ band wagon. Way to kiss Apple’s ass. If you consider this piece of crap a winner I’m at a loss to wonder why. Then again you owe your entire existence to the PC’s many imperfect OS’s, eh? You and your employees would still be living out of their parent’s basements if MS was perfect. And shouldn’t the video part of the contest also be original and not just borrowed artwork? I’ve seen better compilations from teens on youtube! If you’re going to have a contest at least have some integrity since dignity doesn’t seem to be a problem.

  2. Nancy_St.Pierre

    I checked out the other one on YouTube. It was okay, but too frenetic for my tastes. Of the two, I think the winning video is better. The images supporting this one’s lyrics are really imaginative and spot-on.

  3. I dont understand..Who kissed whose ass?I think the other one should have won…
    I think that you should have let the people decide.

  4. Nancy St.Pierre

    Very creative. I was put off at first when the images of and references to not-so-thin women showed up. But I continued to watch. The music is bluesy with a good beat, and the lyrics are clever, relaying quite clearly just what a loser VISTA is. It sounds like something from Lyle Lovett. I’d like to hear him do it.

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