Month: January 2008

Firewire Ready PCs


FireWire origins date back to the mid-1980’s when Apple Computer devised a high-speed data transfer technology for Macintosh internal hard drives. In 1995, the IEEE announced the IEEE 1394 spec which is sometimes called the FireWire400. In 2002, the IEEE came out with a updated standard called IEEE 1394b which allowed for a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 3.2 Gbps. Apple soon released a subset of the new standard under the title of FireWire 800. In December 2007, the 1394 Trade Association announced the FireWire S3200 that will soon be available and that will support the full 3.2 Gbps transfer rate.

Windows SP3: The Long Journey


Fact and Fable

Unlike a lot of sequels, Windows XP SP3 is better than the original. Any day now the official release is due to hit the streets. Rumors of 10% performance increases crowd my Googled results. My mind travels to increased scores for benchmarks. Microsoft’s favored son is rising to the position of SUPER HERO. “WINDOWS XP CONQUERS….” Oh, sorry, I’ll get back to earth now.

Vista SP1


Where is it? Everyone’s waiting, let’s hurry along.

Service packs are currently being used by Microsoft as a way of delivering updates to reliability and performance, but Vista marks Microsoft’s effort to reduce the focus on Service Packs. Users are reminded that the current Update Online Service is available and working as a way to immediately deliver improvements and fixes.

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