Month: December 2007

50 Tips for a Super Fast PC


It’s that time again. Rid yourself of all the old junk piling up on your hard drives and make sure your settings are where they belong.Follow these suggestions to keep the old trusty box in good shape and start the New Year off right.

December 2007

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The Evolution of Malware
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50 Simple Tips for a Faster PC
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Printer Survey Results December 2007

The initial analysis of our December 2007 Printer Survey results.

Novice Users

54.8%…All in One Inkjet
4.3%…All in One Laser

Intermediate Users

47.5%…All in One Inkjet
3.9%…All in One Laser

The typical inkjet printer owner spends about $80 annually in the $30 billion dollar a year ink-jet cartridge market. (Lyra Research)

Evolution of Malware

It was a cold day in South Dakota (circa 1990) as I entered the Gateway building. Unlike most days, the hustle and bustle of a rapidly growing computer company were missing, replaced by an eerie still and quietness. The security guard shook his head, and said, “The software download server got hit with a virus.” All of production was shut down.