November 19th 2007


New Free Driver Scan

PC Pitstop introduces Driver Alert! Test your PC and find new drivers that can boost the reliability of your computer.

Best Free Software

Love things that are FREE AND WORK well?? Rob shares his favorite free software online in this article.

$1000 Secret Message

Hidden code inside Driver Alert gets this teacher an extra $1000.

Vista, ME & Bologna

We all know ME was a Microsoft OS nightmare! Does Vista deserve the
same bad rap?


Free Performance Scan


Speed up your PC!

Is your PC operating at maximum performance? Find out how to speed up your PC with our FREE scan!


10 Online Shopping Mistakes

What are the top ten worst online shopping pitfalls? Get wise with this list of common shopping mistakes.


Driver Alert

Driver Alert

PC Update

Improve system functionality & stability.

Free Spyware Scan



Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.

Disk Health

Disk MD

Drive Refresh

Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!

Personal Data Profiler


PC Profiler

Learn what others may discover about you!

Win Patrol Free Trial


PC Watchdog

Who is watching your PC’s front door?

Full Test

Full Test

PC Checkup

Most complete
PC analysis available.


Aging Drivers

An alarming amount of PCs don’t have the most recent network, display, and media drivers.
Is yours updated?

Driver Survey Results

The results are in and the data is telling. Updating your drivers is an essential part of PC maintenance.

Peace on Earth & a New PC

Who is planning to buy a new PC for the Holidays? We’re making our list and checking it twice.


You could win $100 for participating in our current surveys!
See all past winners.


Clear Your Google Tracks!

Search for something incriminating lately? Clear your google search without affecting other auto-complete fields.

Quick Launch Bar

Want a quicker way to access programs in your Quick Launch Bar? Check out this neat tip from mme.

Use Gmail for FTP

This Firefox extension lets you use your Gmail space for extra file storage like an FTP site. Thanks to Chas47448!


$100 goes to the best tips each month.


WinRAR Special

15% Off! WinRAR can considerably reduce the size of data and e-mail transmission time.

Pitstop Soul Exclusive

Exclusive to PC Pitstop: Soul Tracks is giving away a collection of the biggest soul and funk hits of the
80s and 90s.

Hey Bike Lovers!

Your source for great savings on OEM and aftermarket powersports parts and accessories!


FREE TRIAL! Still logging in by hand? Let Roboform log in for you! No keystrokes to track, no hassle for you.

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