PC Pitstop Driver Survey Results

The results of our October 2007 Driver Survey are in. Our initial analysis of the survey data is found below.

Over 7,500 respondents participated in this survey. 72% have updated a driver before and 78% have resolved a problem they were having by installing a different driver.

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Despite the potential benefits of better performance and added stability, 28.6% of those surveyed
say they never update drivers. Moreover, 29.4% only update when something is broke.

Of novice users, 52% never update their drivers. By comparison, 53% of advanced users – update at least every 6 months.

38.5% of those running Vista are checking for new drivers at least every month. Whereas, only 17% of those running XP are checking for new drivers weekly or monthly.

Out dated drivers for video adapters, audio adapters, network cards & printers are the primary concern for those who track driver changes.

Among those who identify themselves as advanced users, 78% of those responding say video adapter drivers are of biggest concern.

Among those identified as novice users, 59.5% say printer drivers are their biggest concern.

Underscoring the value of up-to-date drivers, nearly half of those responding have used a driver update to fix a specific problem with a PC.

46.7% of advanced users responding say they are pro-active about updating drivers.

Further proof that keeping the drivers for all of your PCs updated is great idea. 90% of advanced users have resolved a problem with their PC by updating a driver. Of those who have owned their PCs for less than a year, 82% have resolved a problem with a driver update.

Overall, roughly half of all of those responding say they have rolled back a driver change. 70% of those identifying themselves as novice users have never rollbacked a driver to a previous version.

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