Secret PC Pitstop code reveals $1,000 prize

Traveling teacher finds hidden message inside Driver Alert code

Steve Hogan

What kind of a person finds a hidden message worth $1000.00? One that uses PC Pitstop, that’s what kind.

Stuart Wallace is a 23 year old traveling English teacher. He arrived in China after a year of teaching in Japan. He is now teaching at a Primary School on mainland China about 1 hour from Hong Kong.

PC Pitstop’s Driver Alert

In order to get the most from your PC, it is good practice to keep your drivers up-to-date. But few people do, because your system has so many drivers, and there are so many updates. Driver Alert makes it easy, by matching the latest drivers to your system.

Scans Are Free

Whether you opt for Driver Alert Notification Service, our scans are always free.

Informative and Easy

Simple to use with many built in help buttons to guide you through the application.

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Stuart travels with a 2 year old laptop and has visited PC Pitstop for several years. He keeps his laptop in top shape using the PC Pitstop Full Test. He does not consider himself a “computer person” but was checking the new Driver Alert program shown on the Pitstop main page. He knows drivers are important so wanted to try the new Free Scan to see what drivers might need updating.

Stuart considers his brother the “computer person” of the family and since he was having some trouble determining the correct drivers, he wanted to ask his brother about the suggestions made by our program. He was copy/pasting some text from the results into an email that he was sending to his brother when he noticed the hidden message.

Stuart indicated he lives quite comfortably on his modest teachers salary because of the difference in cost of living. He’s excited about his discovery and says he might invest his winnings into one of the stock markets, Chinese, or US.

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