November 1st 2007


Vista 6 Months & Counting

How are Vista sales compared to previous Operating Systems? Is Vista still a disappointment?

Full Test Overhaul

Rescan your PC! New sections will categorize your software and address recent HP laptop problems.

Vista User Accounts

Are the Vista User Account controls more trouble than they are worth?

New Features of Winpatrol

WinPatrol now offers even more protection against changes made by malicious programs.


Free Performance Scan


Speed up your PC!

Is your PC operating at maximum performance? Find out how to speed up your PC with our FREE scan!


Changes to Automatic Update

Detect changes to your Windows Automatic Update settings: A new feature of WinPatrol.


Disk Health

Disk MD

Drive Refresh

Keep your Hard Drives working at full speed!

Free Spyware Scan



Stop Spyware from slowing your PC.

Personal Data Profiler


PC Profiler

Learn what others may discover about you!

Driver Alert

Driver Alert

PC Update

Improve system functionality & stability.

Full Test

Full Test

PC Checkup

Most complete PC analysis available

Win Patrol Free Trial


PC Watchdog

Who is watching your PC’s front door?


Laptop Thief!!

Laptop security is a top priority for keeping data safe. Check out these tips to foil potential thieves.

California Fires & Technology

How do the fires in California teach us about technology and how we should use it? You’d be surprised.


You could win $100 for participating in our current surveys!
See all past winners.


Error Codes Decoded

Are error codes in your PC’s Device Manager baffling you? With this tip from Augusto you can crack the code.

Get a New Bootscreen

Tired of your boring old bootscreen? Feel better when you boot up with this new bootscreen tip from Jacee.


$100 goes to the best tips each month.



Analyze your system setup and find the upgrades that give you the best performance and compatibility.

Pitstop has Soul

Soul Tracks is the most popular soul music site in America. Check out the
great selection.

Hey Bike Lovers!

Your source for great savings on OEM and aftermarket powersports parts and accessories!


FREE TRIAL! Still logging in by hand? Let Roboform log in for you! No keystrokes to track, no hassle for you.

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