Month: September 2007

September 2007

Full Test Update
The Gateway Blues
Blizzard of SPAM
Bits from Bill: File Type Associations
Intel v. AMD: A Brief History
What Price Security
Tip: Save All Open Documents
Tip: XP Tweak Guide
Tip: If I Knew You Were …
New Survey: PC Technology
Survey Results: Phishing
Research: State by State

US State Technology Metrics – Quartile Rankings

How does your state rank in general PC technology? We analyzed several technology metrics for folks running the PC Pitstop online tests and ranked the states based on our findings. Surprisingly, no one state or region clearly dominated all the metrics we reviewed. Delaware appears to have surfaced towards the top of the rankings while the states of Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas and Ohio generally ranked lowest.

Blizzard of SPAM

Pitstop users face a blizzard of spam – mostly aimed at the crotch.

The PC Pitstop users report they face more of a storm of spam than they did two years ago, with most of it aimed at sex, drugs and the theory that “bigger is better.”

The survey found that anyone who suffers from erectile dysfunction or is interested in increased penis size (including women) seems to have plenty of spam-delivered options. Pitstop users also reported a deluge of spam for software sales, Web greeting cards and excited emails from lawyers claiming the recipients have inherited money from strangers.

What Price Security?

Since its introduction by McAfee in 2001, Automatic Renewal has become the accepted practice for today’s protection software. Whether its initial introduction was for corporate profits, or for customer protection, once wary consumers now see the advantages of seamless protection.

If I Knew You Were Coming…

Wow! I sure am getting popular. My old girl friend and my “soon to be ex” wife are sending me love notes.

After realizing I wasn’t suddenly the most important person in everyone’s heart I did some checking. It seems that there has been a huge, and I do mean huge, resurgence in the old e-card scam.

PC Pitstop Winners!

Flag The winners this month are Brian W from California for his pointer to speed up Vista, and Michael W from Indiana. Michael’s gave us several tweaks to get the most out of Vista.