PC Pitstop Window’s Accessory Usage Survey Results

The PC Pitstop July 2007 survey took a look at how people make use of the Windows accessory tools, services and applications. These accessories are generally included as part of the Windows operating system with each providing some specific functionality for PC users.

The Calculator ranked as the top Windows Accessory application that most respondents indicated they used frequently. The data also revealed that the frequent use of many of these applications correlated to the respondents level of PC expertise. Generally, folks that considered themselves advanced PC users were more likely to use the general Windows Accessory tools.

Narrator, a text-to-speech utility was identified as the application that most respondents indicated they never use. HyperTerminal, On Screen Keyboard, Remote Desktop Connection and Synchronize also made the list of top never-used applications.

Interestingly, over 83% of the respondents indicated that they had performed a system restore from a Windows restore point.

The Windows Event Log Service records application, security and system events in Event Viewer. Event logs can often be very useful in identifying and diagnosing system problems and issues. It is probably no surprise that advanced PC users are 2 to 3 times more likely to review the Windows Manager event log than intermediate and novice PC users. Approximately 73% of the PC experts indicated that they frequently or occasionally review their Windows event log while 74% of the novice users said they never review their event logs.

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