PC vs. Mac: Apples to Apples Showdown

Rob takes an ‘Apples to Apples’ look at the PC vs. Mac debate and crowns a heavyweight champion of the computing world.

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6 thoughts on “PC vs. Mac: Apples to Apples Showdown”

  1. I built my PC over in February of 2008. I spent a little under $1000 With operating system included. It has been almost two years and I will still out perform the IMAC that is $1700. The only thing it will beat me in is less cords and space saving….but they sure are shiny.:P

  2. I m wondering, after watching your video, why then every person going Mac won t go back to PC ???

    Could it be that all those software you talk about are crap ???Having 10 times more crappy softwares still leaves you woth nothing more …

    And could it be that you pay also for what it looks like…good…

    Anyway the video was presumptious and Mac as Pc have their strenght and weaknesses.

    As someone that was PC and became Mac the only draw back I found…. and I work with my Mac… is the games, there isn t lots of games on Mac so if you pretty much only want to play then PC it is.



  3. who pioneered the PC to MAC apps, which came before the MAC to PC apps? I believe that was MAC. How about user-friendliness? I believe these are things which MAC has made paramount. You see, we cannot forget that Henry Ford did NOT invent the automobile. And so what if he did. I just like my computer to work – and I hate viruses. The only reason I have a PC is because of the stubborn world we live in – and my need to do work from home. For everything else – I prefer MAC, which is a superior platform. The cheapest computer will always be the most popular and commonly used. This is a no-brainer. This video has not fairly compared the differences between MAC and PC. Instead – it just looked as though some guy who can’t afford a MAC was feeling the need to prove that his investment was worthwhile. Give it up, dude. It’s not MAC users at fault. It’s the fact that the business world would rather buy the cheapest of everything. Also, a no-brainer.

  4. The video was made more then a year before your post… Your argument is completely erroneous.

    You can go to apple.com and try to configure a Mac with a Quad core 8 gigs of ram and a terabyte drive and it will be more then 1000 more then anything you could find in the PC world.

    As far as OS speed on the exact same hardware… windows is on par with common apps and better for anything hardcore, that is not optimized only for just one platform. This is because Apps OS X its self runs on virtualization, and does not interact with the hardware directly thus causing excess processes… but my hats off because it runs almost as fast witch is amazing. Boot camp can not run vista faster then a similar machine… it on average drops from 25-40% in performance.

    Long story short… for a normal user, Either platform is the same as far as reliability and security goes. Only that Macs cost anywhere from 200 to 1000+ more.

    I like being on the cutting edge so i stay with a PC, but i do love to use a Mac. Also Mac is shutting down a company that can put mac on any PC because they want full control over there Hardware… i think they just don’t want OS X to be compared directly to PC because then they will loose there nitch in the market.

  5. Interesting video. I would say that the vast majority of Mac users are former PC users that wanted a system that stays up. Also, I found a number of his arguments to be inaccurate. For instance, my $999 Macbook has a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 MB L2 Cache, 2 GB of memory and a 667 MHz bus speed. That’s not Apples to Apples. Also, my system came with virtually all of the software I would need and you can download most for free from Apple. Additionally, the upgrades aren’t confusing suites and they don’t make virtually every previous version of software obsolete. I found this especially truth when upgrading someone’s system to Vista and, not only was most of the software incompatible, but most of the hardware was non-recognizable. No, we Mac users have jobs and we don’t want our part-time job, that is after work, to be fixing PC’s. I gave that up years ago…

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