November 2006 Newsletter

In This Issue

  • PC Pitstop Exclusive: Notebook PC Explodes
  • Full Test Overhaul
  • Playing With Fire III
  • Authority on the Dangers of Li Ion Batteries Speaks Out
  • New One Stop Resource for Safer Computing
  • Research: Analog Modems Finally Obsolete?
  • Tip: Make your Internet experience safer, faster and smarter
  • Survey: Passwords
  • Tip: Save Hard Drive Space and Open Files Faster
PC Pitstop Exclusive:
Notebook PC Explodes
What’s a notebook battery fire? 6 foot flames, 1000 degree temperatures, and 5 separate explosions each one progressively more severe. See it to believe it.

PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5
Speed up your PC. Run our new free Optimize 1.5 scan
and identify ways to get a faster and more reliable computer. Get better performance without the expense or difficulty
of adding new hardware. Run a free scan
Full Test Overhaul
PC Pitstop full test diagnostics just keep getting better. Our free Full Tests include new tips to make your PC faster and safer.
Playing with Fire III

The problem is worse than we thought. Vendor manuals are incorrect. Most people don’t know what type of battery they have. Find out what you can do to minimize the chance of a notebook battery fire.

Free Spyware Scan
If your PC is acting strangely, or acting sluggish, quite often spyware is the root cause. Check out our new spyware scan, Exterminate. It’s free and features a step by step analysis of any unwanted pests installed on your computer.
Scan for free.
Authority on the Dangers of Li Ion Batteries Speaks Out
It’s not just the recalled batteries. Any Li Ion battery at any time could explode. Rob talks to one of the only Li Ion experts in the industry in an exclusive podcast. Read the transcript or download the podcast
New One Stop Resource for Safer Computing
Introducing the all new PC Pitstop Safety Center – a one stop resource for important information about minimizing the threat of notebook battery fires in our homes and workplaces.

Free Driver Scan
Hardware manufacturers frequently update their
Windows drivers to improve the performance and stability of their products. If you have a peculiar problem with your PC, quite often it can be resolved by an updated driver. Check out your PC’s driver status, with a free driver scan.

Research: Analog Modems Finally Obsolete?

Has broadband made analog modems a thing of the past? Or are modems like your appendix?
Something everyone has that no one uses. Our research team investigates

Tip: Make your Internet experience safer, faster and smarter

Aeroman10 shows how the use of OpenDNS servers instead of those assigned to you by your
ISP – can improve your Internet experience.
Learn More

Free Privacy Scan
Your PC is storing a mountain of personal information about you and your surfing habits. The new Erase 1.1 offers a free and even more powerful privacy scan that lets you see the personal information that is at risk. Give it a try, it’s easy & free!

New Survey – Passwords

This month we put together a short survey about passwords. One lucky participant will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Click here to take the survey. Check out the list of past lucky winners.

Tip: Save Hard Drive Space and Open Files Faster

DK64 Master points out a faster alternative for viewing and reading PDF files, that also takes up less hard drive space. Learn More

Socket Shield
Web surfing just became a whole lot safer. SocketShield blocks malicious sites and drive-by downloads that bypass existing security products to exploit Windows vulnerabilities. Learn more
Got a Windows Tip or Trick?

You can win $100 if your Windows Tip or Trick is selected for our monthly newsletter. Just join our forums, affectionately called The Pit, and make your submission in the Tips or Tricks section. Even if you don’t have a tip or trick, come join our growing and happening online community. Join

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