July 2006 Newsletter

What’s New at PC Pitstop – July 2006

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In This Issue

  • Commentary: Google Boomers
  • Article: Keyboard shortcuts save time
  • Windows Tweak: Reduce IE loadtimes
  • Optimize: Announcing Optimize 1.5
  • Research: Open Office gaining marketshare
  • Survey: Weigh in on our digital music survey
  • Windows Alert: XP drains portable batteries
  • Windows Tweak: Make your LCD screen crystal clear
Google Boomers

There is a whole generation of young people being raised on Google’s vision of the future. Rob discusses the impacts of this new generation of rebels on the PC industry.
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PC Pitstop Optimize
Speed up your PC. Run our free Optimize scan and identify ways to get a faster and more reliable computer. Get better performance without the expense or difficulty of adding new hardware. Run a free scan

Keyboard Shortcuts Save Time
Thanks to everyone for responding to our keyboard shortcuts survey.
Our latest article looks at which shortcuts people are and are not using. Also, the article examines some of the lesser known shortcuts that you shared with us. Learn More

Broadband Tip: Reduce IE Load Times

Here’s a great tip for all of our broadband users. Allen41547 explains how to reconfigure Internet Explorer to avoid looking for proxies during load. Voila. IE loads noticeably faster.
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Free Spware Scan
If your PC is acting strangely, or acting sluggish, quite often spyware is the root cause. Check out our new spyware scan. It’s free and features a step by step analysis of any unwanted pests installed on your computer.Scan for free.

Announcing Optimize 1.5!

We are very pleased to announce the latest verion of Optimize is now shipping, with twice the performance tweaks than the prior version. Better yet, the upgrade is free for existing customers.
Just put your old license key in the new product.

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Research: Open Office Gaining Share
Seems like more and more people are moving toward the open source alternative to Microsoft Office. This research segment looks at the recent increases in marketshare of Open Office.
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Privacy Scan
Your PC is storing a mountain of personal information about you and your surfing habits. We’ve developed a free and powerful privacy scan that lets you see the personal information that is at risk. Give it a try, it’s free!
Survey: Win $100 In Our Digital Music Survey
Computers and the internet are changing the way we listen and purchase music. Share with us your views on digital music and win $100! Watch the August newsletter for the results and a full analysis to this exciting survey. Learn More

Alert: XP Drains Notebook Batteries Excessively
If you are running Windows XP and have a notebook, you most likely are not getting optimal battery life. This is due to a bug in Windows XP not shutting down the USB port properly.
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Free Driver Scan
Hardware manufacturers frequently update their Windows drivers to improve the performance and stability of their products. If you have a peculiar problem with your PC, quite often it can be resolved by an updated driver. Check out your PC’s driver status, with a free driver scan.
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Tweak: Make Your LCD Crystal Clear
LCD’s don’t flicker and they last longer than older CRT tubes. Microsoft has developed a new font technology called Clear Type which makes your LCD screen on your desktop or portable much more readable and clearer.
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