Global Region Analysis

CPU Clock Speeds by Global Region

CPU Manufacturer United States

CPU Manufacturer Canada

CPU Manufacturer Europe

CPU Manufacturer Australia

CPU Manufacturer Latin America

CPU Manufacturer Rest of World

Hard Drive Size United States

Hard Drive Size Canada

Hard Drive Size Europe

Hard Drive Size Australia

Hard Drive Size Latin America

Hard Drive Size Rest of World

Operating System Mix – United States

Operating System Mix – Canada

Operating System Mix – Europe

Operating System Mix – Australia

Operating System Mix – Latin America

Operating System Mix – Rest of World

RAM by Global Region

Video Resolution – United States

Video Resolution – Canada

Video Resolution – Europe

Video Resolution – Australia

Video Resolution – Latin America

Video Resolution – Rest of World

Bandwidth Performance Ranges – United States

Bandwidth Performance Ranges – Canada

Bandwidth Performance Ranges – Europe

Bandwidth Performance Ranges – Australia

Bandwidth Performance Ranges – Latin America

Bandwidth Performance Ranges – Rest of World

Digital Drive Attach Rate – CD Read

Digital Drive Attach Rate – CD Burn

Digital Drive Attach Rate – DVD Read

Digital Drive Attach Rate – DVD Burn

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