Month: October 2005

Memory Statistics

It’s a basic rule: The more software users run, the more memory they need. We’ll be watching trends in average installed memory every month.

Below you’ll see the average installed RAM for all PCs in our database each month. Did you know that adding RAM is one of the simplest and best value upgrades you can do for your PC? See “RAM: The Poor Man’s Upgrade”

Five Behaviors On Which Spyware Companies Prey

By Robert P. Lipschutz

Adware vendors, in their quest to infiltrate computers everywhere, benefit from confusion, a lack of user knowledge, and the realities of human nature. However, by using a combination of defensive strategies, you can lower the impact of adware on your computer. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of “free” Internet software, the primary carrier of adware, diligence is key.

WhenU Awareness, One Year Later

Since March 2004, PC Pitstop has been surveying WhenU users about their installation experience with WhenU products. Our first report on this data was published in April 2004, and it validated our anecdotal experience that very few users knowingly consent to installing WhenU.

Survey Says: Gator Users Didn’t Know

Since September 2003, PC Pitstop has been conducting a survey of users who have Gator or GAIN (Gator Advertising Information Network) applications installed on their PC. Our goal was to determine how much permission had really been granted to “permission based marketing” companies by users who install applications such as Gator’s.