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PC Pitstop Optimize – Free Scan

Have you wanted to try PC Pitstop Optimize before buying it? Well, now you can. Our new version of Optimize lets you run a complete scan and see what changes we’d recommend for your PC. Plus, Optimize has some additional checks that are not currently available in our online tests. If you want us to make the recommended changes, you can purchase Optimize for just $29.99 and help support our site.
Free Scan

“Take Us Off Your List!”

PC Pitstop is being contacted by companies that want to be removed from our list of unwanted programs. Those are the programs you see marked in yellow or red in your full tests report, if you are so unlucky to have them installed. Our CEO Rob Cheng offers our answer to those companies and provides some background into why we are listing them in the first place.
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Performance Tip: Stay Cool for Speed

As notebook PCs get smaller, they have fewer places to dissipate the heat they generate. To stay cool, most notebooks run at a very low speed until you actually need some computing power. However, they may also run at a low speed when overheated, even when you need the speed. That can happen if you rest the notebook on a soft surface such as a pillow or blanket. THe soft material will insulate the bottom of the notebook and may block vents that move hot air away. Instead, rest the notebook on a hard-top surface such as a lap desk. To adjust the way your notebook uses power, check out the Power Options item in Control Panel.

Google: Is Good Going Bad?

Google has enjoyed a stellar reputation for years, but as the company grows and expands into advertising their reputation is being seriously tested. Fake blog sites, false and misleading ads, and spyware distribution are are all being enabled by Google products. What can Google do to stop these practices, and how much of the responsibility should it bear?
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Summer Blockbusters in Spyware

The temperatures haven’t been the only thing soaring this summer. Spyware hasn’t let up either. Sunbelt Software uncovered a nasty keylogger that steals your personal information including financial data; they have a free remover on their blog. Ben Edelman has taken a look at ShopAtHomeSelect, a program at the scene of many forced installations we’ve seen this summer. Finally, make sure you have the patch for the prolific Zotob worm that has been circulating; just visit Windows Update and get the security patches you’re offered.

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