What You Can Do

Do you believe that Gator needs to exercise more care in getting permission to install and informing users about the license terms they are accepting? If so, here are some things you can do to encourage Gator to change its policies and practices.

All PC Users

  • Remove Gator applications and replace them with alternatives. Let us know about your experiences with Gator or similar software–good and bad–in our forums.
  • Tell your friends and business associates to check for Gator applications, and let them know they can come to PC Pitstop for more information and removal instructions.
  • If you inadvertently installed GAIN, look at the GAIN ads you are getting. Send email to the advertisers and tell them you do not approve of this method of advertising.
  • Document any time that you lost in tracking down an unauthorized installation of GAIN on the PC, or from system instability that disappeared once GAIN was removed.
  • If you feel that Gator or other software did not provide adequate or clear disclosure of its terms before installing on your PC, file a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.
  • Urge your elected representatives to address the disclosure issue with legislation that would empower the FTC to act, such as the Safeguard Against Privacy Invasions Act.

Business Users

  • Create a written policy to ensure that your advertising agents know your company does not want to advertise using GAIN or similar ad networks.
  • If you use Overture for keyword-based advertising, ask that they exclude your keyword searches from GAIN and Gator’s Search Scout.
  • Publicly assure your customers that your company will not support GAIN until Gator changes its policies to improve the installation process and license disclosure.
  • Discuss Gator with your PC support personnel and determine its impact on your business. Establish policies and procedures to prevent unwanted software installation inside your organization.
  • Have your web site staff determine whether your company’s web site is being targeted by GAIN advertising.

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