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Now Open: PC Pitstop Privacy Center

There’s a lot of information on your PC that someone would love to have. Your PC remembers where you’ve been on the Internet and often keeps important financial data. With problems such as phishing on the rise, it’s even more important to be aware of what information you keep and give out when you’re using your PC. Our Privacy Center aims to help you do that, and offers specific tips on how to clean your PC and protect yourself.

MAX PC: System Cooling

When it comes to making faster PCs, heat is performance enemy number one. Every winner of our first Top Dawg Challenge used a high-tech cooling system to keep the heat off their CPU, and there are several different technologies available: heat pipes, Peltiers, water cooling, and refrigeration. Even if you’re just using run-of-the-mill air cooling, we’ve got some tips on how to keep your PC out of the hothouse.
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Notes from the CNet Antispyware Workshop

On May 3rd, CNet hosted an antispyware workshop in San Francisco. It was unique because it was the first forum to host all sides of the issue including spyware/adware makers, antispyware product vendors, and independent spyware opponents like Ben Edelman, Eric Howes, and of course PC Pitstop. Will this get-together help to solve the spreading spyware problem? Dave Methvin’s Tech Notes blog hints that some of the players aren’t ready for change.
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What’s Up with WhenU?

One year ago, we published our first report on the awareness level of WhenU adware products based on a survey of user that visited the PC Pitstop site. The results were eye-opening; about 80 percent of users could not recall installing the software. Over the past year, that number has come down slightly, but the number of users that have WhenU has plummeted. Why? Check out our article.

Performance Tip: Paging File Myths and Facts

No, you shouldn’t turn off the paging file just because you have a lot of memory installed. Yes, you should have a paging file on the system drive even if you have one on a second drive. Yes, having the paging file in a separate partition is a good idea. These items and many more are covered in the Microsoft support articles on how to set up paging files.

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